Big Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers

After seeing Lynnae’s post about her traffic sources this weekend, I got curious about mine. I haven’t looked too closely at WHERE my traffic comes from. I’m just thrilled that some people find the things I babble about useful or amusing. So, I want to send out a great big Thank You to my friends around the ‘net who send folks my way.

Here are the top 10 blogs that folks visited from in January:

  1. Clever Dude
  2. The Digerati Life
  3. Ship Full O’ Pirates
  4. Monroe on a Budget
  5. Frugal Dad
  6. Free 2 Be Frugal
  7. Survive The Experience (and other fundamental homeschooling principles)
  8. Centsible Savings
  9. Our Crazy Life
  10. My Two Dollars

To show my appreciation, I’m sending each of them a free download of my revised Ebook Momma’s Coupon Management System. Please stop by and give these folks a read. It’s well worth your time.

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