Blog Review: Once A Month Mom

About Tricia from Once a Month Mom: I have recently become a SAHM just this past winter when I had my first son. I am now pregnant with my second and due in December of 2009. I am an avid one a month cook (also referred to as OAMC, bulk cooking, power cooking and freezer cooking) who loves having food in the freezer for easy meals. I have taken this love into the baby realm and started preparing once a month baby food menus as well. I love the Lord and am so blessed to be able to stay home with my little one, to be learning how to save money, trying to make the most out of life, and doing the “chores” once a month so I can enjoy more time with my family!

I’ve kicked around the idea of bulk cooking since I picked up a copy of Frozen Assets: Cook for a day, eat for a month from the library last year. I love the concept. What could be better than spending one day to stock your freezer full of healthy, economical meals so that you don’t have to spend every week night cooking when you’d rather be spending it playing Beatles Rock Band or helping your kids with AP Trig (yeah, not my strong suit either)? While I really loved the idea of OAMC (Once a Month Cooking), I didn’t really connect with the actual recipes contained in Frozen Assets. I have to admit though; there is a LOT of inertia to overcome to pull one of these bulk cooking days together.

So, during one of my “ok, I’m totally going to do it this month” moments a few months ago, I did a Swagbucks Search for OAMC recipes and found Once a Month Mom. If you’re trying to get started with OAM Cooking, this is definitely the website you want to read! Not only does Tricia post recipes for OAMC, but she also posts menus for the month AND the grocery shopping lists. There is even an entire section devoted to OAMC for baby food.

The recipes I’ve tried are pretty easy to modify for non-standard dietary needs. Since Mark and I are doing Weight

Chicken Parm by Once a Month Mom
Chicken Parm by Once a Month Mom

Watchers, I have to modify every recipe we use anyway. The recipes shared by Once A Month Mom are fabulous without modification if you don’t have special considerations. *side note* If you want to use your own recipes, make sure you make the appropriate adjustments to the shopping list!

Once a Month Mom is not the only resource I used for my recent foray into OAMC, but it was a huge help getting me over the hump and actually DOING a big cooking day. Now that I’ve given it a try, I know I’ll be doing it again. OH… and if you don’t try anything else from Once a Month Mom, DEFINITELY try the Chicken Parm!