Overseas Coupon Program

Here are the instructions to help sponsor Momma’s favorite base!

*Starting with your oldest inserts, remove all of the expired coupons.

*If there are still valid coupons on one side of the page, clip the expired coupons.

*If there are no valid coupons on either side, remove the page from Momma’s Coupon System binder.

*Clip all of the coupons that have expired within the last 2 months neatly. Don’t send coupons older than that.

*Divide the coupons into two stacks: food and non-food

*Add the face value of the coupons in each stack and email it to momma@3princessesmomma.com so we can track the amount of coupons sent from our group.

*Put the coupons into two separate envelopes or baggies, and mail them your preferred overseas military base. If you don’t have a preferred base, we encourage you to send the expired coupons to our sponsored base: U.S. Navy base at Yokohama, Japan
PSC 472 Box 8
FPO AP 96348-1150

*Postage costs will be the same as sending domestic mail.

*For more details on the Overseas Coupon Program Website.