The Road Less Traveled

Once upon a time (in 2004), I met an incredible man named Mark.  With 3 divorces and 6 children between the two of us, we skittishly declared intentions to “keep it casual”.  Then, immediately fell head over heels in love.  Lesson One: Don’t tempt fate with your petty declarations.

Marriage is work.  Marriage with children is a LOT of work.  2nd and 3rd marriages with children and stepchildren are the things that sit-coms, made for TV movies, and ginormous therapist bills are made of.  But here we are… happily and enthusiastically building a financially sound, blended family together.

With 2 full time careers, an Avon business, a cottage consulting firm, 5 daughters, 1 son, a large extended family, a bunch of debt and one amazing love… we’ll share plenty of stories about money dos and don’ts, child rearing (probably mostly the don’ts) and homemaking tricks we learn along the way with you.

We’re not quite the Brady Bunch.  We’re certainly not perfect and we don’t have our act quite together.  But we’re working on it.