A Peek At My Feed Reader

I’m at home sick today. BOO HISS! So, while I’m tucked into bed and attempting to recover, I’m going to share the first 20 links in my feed reader as of this very moment. Now ya’all get to see what I REALLY read.

  1. Here’s a simple way to get 50,000 people to your blog in 1 day – I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  2. Wendy’s: Free Junior Frosty with any purchase for a year? – Money Saving Mom
  3. Free 3-year subscription to Living The Country Life and more – Money Saving Mom
  4. Is a Virtual Watchdog a Good Security Device? – Free Money Finance
  5. 15 Signs you’re lying to me – The Wisdom Journal
  6. 5 Universal Writing Rules – ProBlogger
  7. Do It Yourself Debt Reduction – My Two Dollars
  8. Loan Modifications, Foreclosures affecting retirement savings (IRAs and 401k) – Money Ning
  9. One Step Isn’t a Journey – The Simple Dollar
  10. Twitter Taco Truck and the Times – Chris Brogan
  11. Move over Grocery Game! I’ve found a new love! – Being Frugal (OOOOH Lynnae, I can’t wait to read this one)
  12. Surviving an Economic Recession – Gather Little By Little
  13. How to host a traveler: 13 tips to keep it safe, easy, and cheap – Wise Bread
  14. The National Economy versus your Personal Economy – Get Rich Slowly
  15. Improved Customer Service? – Wide Open Wallet
  16. Mvelopes and YNAB – Free Money Finance
  17. Obama’s second stimulus credit equal to $13 more a week – Prime Time Money
  18. Experian dropping from myFico – No Debt Plan
  19. Stocks fall on economic jitters – MSN Money
  20. Day 12) Online Money Management Tools (part 2) – Mrs. Micah

Have some suggested reading for me? I’d really love to see what you’re reading! Share some linkage in the comments.

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