Publix Gift Card Give-Away!

Have I mentioned how much I love shopping at Publix? Last night, Mark and I stopped by Publix to pick up his prescriptions. As we were walking in the front door, a greeter handed us a flyer with coupons. The store was packed to the gills. The greeter told us they were having their Holiday Celebration Night!


There were samples of food in every department. Brownies and pastries in the bakery, stuffing and casseroles and mashed potatoes with gravy at the deli, apples and celery with dipping sauces in the produce section, chocolate covered cashews, cocktail weenies and shrimp in the meat section, eggnog near the dairy, and ice cream cones by the frozen foods. AND there were coupons with the food samples!

While I was gaga over all of the coupons floating around, Mark was happily observing aloud that it was fantastic to see all of the various people from our community gathered and chatting.  The children were playing in the aisles.  The adults were getting to know one another.  Once again, Publix is living up to it’s slogan … where shopping is a pleasure.

On a whim, I filled out one of their little entry slips to win a Publix Gift Card. Well, they just called and I won a $25 gift card. Instead of being greedy and keeping it all to myself, I decided to give it away to one of you … my fabulous readers.

Starting today, and going through next Wednesday, you can leave a comment on this post to enter to win a free $25 Publix Gift Card. You will receive 2 entries for linking back to the contest (this post), and 1 additional entry for subscribing to my feed and leaving a comment to let me know. I’ll be announcing the winner on Thanksgiving Day!!! Good luck J

Don’t forget that I’m also giving away 5 free downloads of my Coupon Management System Ebook.

26 Replies to “Publix Gift Card Give-Away!”

  1. I love Publix too. I went last night and it was so much fun. They had a high school choir singing at the store I visited. Santa was there too. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. How kind of you to offer this. I would really like win this for my mom who also loves to shop at Publix.

    I clicked subscribe.

  3. love, love publix — store is bright, colorful, immaculate and carries such good variety — and now that i’ve learned how to match coupons with store sales i can afford to shop there! (really love how publix is joining up with companies like smuckers and sc johnson for fabulous discounts lately) . . . so hope i win this one

  4. My Publix makes it so easy to shop!!! They take other stores coupons..Target, CVS, etc…unlike our WalMart..they won’t take any competitor coupons!! GO PUBLIX!!!

  5. Publix is the only place I can buy food items here. There is no Meijer, Aldi, BiLo…nothing! So this would be very appreciated

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